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lawe i ka ma`alea a ku`ono`ono
We invite you to dance with us.
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Leialiinani ® 9203 Valley View St, Cypress, CA 90630   Contact# 714-598-6767
Acquire skill and make it deep
Lei (lay) n. Garland of flowers. poetically refers to child, sweetheart, beloved.   Lei is sacred as it is placed on your body & heart which is considered sacred. A lei should be a welcomed celebration of one's affection to another.  Adorning anyone with a lei shows them how much they are loved & will be remembered. 

Ali`i (ah-lee-ee) n. Polynesian word for royalty; hereditary chiefly or noble rank; denoting chiefly status in ancient Hawai`i. Believed to be full of "mana" spiritual power.

Nani (nuh-nee) adj. Beautiful

Kaona (hidden meaning) 
Each member of our hula family is a pua (flower). When connected in spirit & aloha, we make an unforgettable, cherished lei  symbolizing love, respect, care, & a spiritual connection.to those that came before us.