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Leiali`inani Polynesian Academy
About Leiali`inani ...
  Leiali`inani Academy is a family owned and operated nonprofit Polynesian academy located in Southern California; based in Cypress. Established in 2005 by Hileka Ali`inani Neri-Miles, Leiali`inani Polynesian Dance Academy is dedicated to the continuum of traditions surrounding hula & family. 

  After over 10 years of teaching with my family's dance troupe Island Pride and holding classes through the Cypress & Buena Park community centers, we proudly opened our new studio November 2013 in Cypress. We transitioned from the loving name of Hiya Papaya Island to Leiali`inani when we opened the doors to our Polynesian academy. Our key focal point is Hawaiian studies & Samoan Siva Afi, but we offer classes that cross the Polynesian islands of Tahiti & Māori (New Zealand)

  Our goal is to preserve and perpetuate the family traditions through the artform of dance, cultural education and history. Our vision for ourselves & our haumana is to strive towards the evolution of oneself. We challenge all haumana (students) to open their hearts, connect to history, culture, and build the foundation of moving together as one family, one motion, one heartbeat. There's one thing to teach you all a few hula steps but the hidden lesson is unleashing the mana (spiritual power) within each of us. 

Lawe i ka ma'alea a ku'ono'ono
Acquire knowledge & make it deep
If you want to become really good at anything, you've got to study hard and practice long until it becomes a part of you
-Hawaiian Proverb

Proud to have Leiali`inani students showcased in Nifo Oti video.